Our COVID-19 Protocols

Our COVID-19 Protocols

How The Virus Will Change The Way You Travel


Service from a distance, with a smile.

All our Villa/Home/lodging units must take suitable measures to restrict any further transmission of COVID-19 while providing accommodation and other tourist services. The SOP aims to minimize all possible physical contacts between Staff and Guests, yet being service oriented, maintain social distancing and ensure other preventive and safety measures against COVID-19.

We are ensuring every possible preventive measure is taken to ensure safety of our guests. All our holiday homes are integrating to a COVID FREE environment by implementing guidelines as outlined by Government with good security system and sanitation methods.

Our holiday homes are an ideal option for various reasons including social distancing, hygiene, very minimal occupants, but still enjoy your vacation. Some salient features are listed below:

✓ No shaking hands, Only NAMASTE! 

✓ Contactless Check-in

✓ Temperature Screening

✓ Sanitization and Disinfection after every checkout

✓ Sufficient Gap between 2 Bookings

✓ Trained Caretakers on COVID 19 SOP's

✓ Emergency Medical Kit.


All our guests are requested to follow below mentioned COVID-19 protocols.


  1. As a mandate, we request all our guests to submit an RTPCR negative certificate taken within 72 hours of Check-in or the first dose COVID-19 vaccination certificate download from the COWIN website otherwise, we have all rights to refuse check-ins. 
  2. Only digital payments accepted. All payments will be processed through bank transfer or online payment links.
  3. Guests should use private transport while commuting to / staying in our holiday homes.
  4. Contactless check in through digital forms.
  5. All guests to be allowed entry only if using face covers/masks.
  6. Large gatherings of more than 25 people will be prohibited.
  7. All guests should undergo thermal screening provisions before check in. Guests running a temperature of more than 98.6° F should be politely asked to return or directed to the closest hospital/medical facility.
  8. Details of the guest (travel history, medical condition etc.) along with ID and self declaration form must be provided by the guest at the reception.
  9. Luggage should be disinfected before sending to the rooms.
  10. Guests from containment zones are strictly not allowed.
  11. Guests should be advised not to visit areas falling with in containment zones and should not have any contact with people from containment zones during their stay.
  12. Guests should maintain physical distance of a minimum of 6 feet with care takers and fellow companions.
  13. Room service or takeaways to be used, instead of dine-in.
  14. Food will be provided in containers and disposable plates.
  15. Use  alcohol-based sanitizers while coming from outside at all times and wash your hands frequently.
  16. No menu cards. Order by mouth.
  17. If any guest (s) experiencing fever, cough, shortness of breath and persistent pain in the chest during your stay, please inform us in advance by phone call and stay inside your room.
  18. It is always advisable, people who are at higher risk i.e. senior citizens, pregnant ladies, kids less than 10 years and people who have underlying medical conditions, please stay home to avoid direct contact with the public.


Thank you for your time. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please do not hesitate to write us on support@voye.in