Munroe Island

Enjoy a Homely Stay : Get a taste of local life and culture with a homestay in Munroe Island

Munroe Island

Munroe Island

Book Resorts in Munroe Island 

Discover the Hidden Gem of Kerala: Book Resorts in Munroe Island, an idyllic escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Experience the Backwaters Like Never Before with panoramic views of the pristine waterways, a stay at Munroe Island resorts provides an opportunity to witness the rich flora and fauna of the region, as well as partake in activities like canoeing, birdwatching, and more. Unwind in Comfort: Equipped with modern amenities like spacious rooms, air conditioning, and Wi-Fi, our Munroe Island Homestay offer the perfect blend of comfort and tranquility. 

Things to do in Munroe Island 

Explore the Authentic Charm of Munroe Island with These Must-Do Activities: Go Cycling, Hiking, or Walking to witness the stunning beauty of the island, or immerse yourself in local life with experiences like Clam Processing, Cow Milking, and Toddy Tapping. Indulge in Traditional Kerala Cuisine: From delicious lunches to mouth-watering local cuisines, savor the flavors of the region's culinary delights. Discover Local Culture and Crafts: Learn about the area's traditions with activities like Coconut Leaf Weaving, Folk Music, and a visit to a Traditional Home or Local Shop. Experience the Rich Heritage of Munroe Island with these unique activities! 

Nearby Tourist Places to Visit in Munroe Island 

As Munroe Island is an island, there are limited nearby attractions. However, visitors can enjoy the tranquil surroundings and explore the island's local culture. A boat ride from Boating Point and S-Valavu Finishing Point is a great way to experience the scenic beauty of the area. Ashtamudi Lake is also a popular spot for boating and fishing. For those interested in history, the Thangassery Light House provides a glimpse into the region's colonial past. Additionally, Jatayu Earth Center offers a unique cultural experience with its giant bird sculpture and surrounding park. 

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