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Villas or Hotels? Wiser Choice for Your Next Getaway

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How do you choose the best place to stay with your family or friends? Why VOYE HOMES is your answer?


Explore your way, with our private holiday homes. Voye Homes will be your best choice when you need privacy in a cosy home, the ambience of a fabulous vacation and the excellence of a hotel. We offer all of these services in a single concept – Voye Homes, the most preferred Holiday Homes in South India, to explore the mesmeric warmth of wildness, misty beautiful viewpoints of hill tops, to relax in the lush greenish essence of villages, to enjoy the serenity of backwaters, and to absorb the divinity of God’s own country.

Our properties range from comfortable lake-side villas, estate bungalows, private holiday homes, home-stays, hill top cottages and farm houses each with their own charm and appeal. Our prominence is on quality accommodation. We select our range of Holiday Homes carefully to meet our stringent quality standards. Our Private Holiday Homes offer more comfort, flexibility, amenities, freedom and privacy than standard hotel rooms or resort.

We are all aspire to live the life of  elite, the life of  stars, the life of colonial planters. VOYE HOMES makes this  exclusive experiences available for everyone, which would be otherwise restricted only its owners.



Villas or Hotels? Wiser Choice for Your Next Getaway


When organizing a family vacation, a trip with friends, or a special event with your loved ones, choosing the right accommodation is a key element that can greatly influence the entire experience. The decision between reserving multiple hotel rooms or selecting a multi-bedroom villa is a significant factor to think about, a topic that is increasingly gaining attention. In India, the appeal of a lavish private villa with numerous rooms outweighs the advantages of booking multiple hotel rooms for various reasons, including cost-efficiency, bonding opportunities, and exclusive perks. 



At a hotel, no matter how fancy or luxurious, you’d still be sharing the pool with other hotel guests. Or the dining room. Or the lounge area. Hotels often lack the privacy that villas can offer. But at a villa, you could have your own private pool to relax in, with no one around to look or bother you. At a villa, you’d have your own lounge area, your own dining area, your own everything. Villas allow for intimate gatherings and shared meals without disturbances from other guests. 

All right, let’s say you’re still on the fence. You know, what about room service, housekeeping, and a hotel dinner buffet? Fair enough. That’s why you come to VOYE HOMES. We offer private chef experiences, meals tailored to your preferences, be it lavish or vegan, daily housekeeping should you want it, and so many more exclusive amenities that we could dare you to find a hotel that offers the same. But we won’t.



Booking multiple hotel rooms can pose challenges when trying to secure rooms close together or on the same floor. Opting for a multi-bedroom villa over hotel rooms ensures that everyone stays together under one roof, promoting unity and closeness. This shared space allows for the creation of lasting memories.


                                             Our Story


VOYE HOMES creates an opportunity for everyone to Experience the Exclusive Private Holiday Homes owned by corporate brands, celebrities and HNI’s. Acquiring holiday homes from prestigious brands, organizations, celebrities and HNIs, VOYE HOMES presents an offering where anyone can imbibe opulence amidst rarely available natural sceneries, which would otherwise be restricted only to the owners! VOYE HOME’s vision is to set itself apart from the mundane ‘book and stay’ operators by providing experiences that create memories for a lifetime! People who are looking for safe and private villa’s to spend their vacations peacefully with their friends or family other than jam-packed hotels and resorts.

We, the team who are extremely passionate about travelling had a yearning to visit new places and come home with a real sense of what they’re all about. We are in search of traditions, cultures, customs, rituals, cuisines, lifestyles – anything and everything that unites to define its unique identity.  That expedition taught us a few exciting things about travelling and exploring the unknown or hidden.  Every one of us would like to have the freedom to experience stunning locations and quaint homes, no one judging us for what we do.  We should have the right to explore local delicacies ourselves and always being offered with flawless hospitality in every home we choose to stay.   Security and worth will be the other main concern as we travel to unknown destinations.


We’ve made News!

From our humble beginnings of 02 shared seats at Kerala Startup Mission in 2021 Jan, with blessings, we have been fortunate to move into our own new 35 seated corporate office at Neospace II, Kinfra Techno Industrial Park Calicut and a 25 seated satellite office in Heavenly Plaza, Kakkanad, Kochi.

We aim to create a memorable experience for every guest! Join us in 'inspiring your moment' by designing your ideal stay with VOYE HOMES, the largest holiday home chain in South India. With over 50 award-winning properties in 10+ destinations, we have welcomed over 100,000 guests. Our team has expanded from 2 to 200 while maintaining our leading position in the category we initiated.