VOYE HOMES Majestic Retreat Resort Varkala Beach, Varkala, Kerala

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VOYE HOMES Majestic Retreat Beach Resort Varkala is one of the best lakeside beach resorts situated on Beach Road, Kappil, Varkala. The most rejoicing feature of this Varkala Beach Resort is the beautiful lake view from the resort and the private Beach which is a few minutes' walk from the resort after crossing the lake. A calm and serene resort dotted with coconut grooves and other trees has Deluxe AC rooms and two Lake View suite rooms having all the facilities. The main attraction here in this Beach Resort Varkala is Kayaking, Canoeing, Beach Surfing, and Lake Supping Activity. If you are a person who wants to experience Surfing or Supping, this lake view resort is one of the safest options where one could try out it. Another highlight of this Varkala Resort is Spa facilities and indoor-outdoor activities. From any place in the resort, you can enjoy the stunning lakeside scenery, which is more than enough to make your vacation the greatest one. A private lake and private beach close to this stay will be a relaxing experience that one can have away from the crowds. It is an ideal location for conducting events like Destination Weddings especially Beach Wedding, birthday parties, receptions, and get-togethers. 

Kappil Beach is just 210 m from the resort. Varkala Beach and Varkala Cliff are 6.7 km away. Kappil is a Beach-backwater destination in Kerala and a famous tourist spot. Backwaters on one side and a beach on the other side of the Kappil road increase the beauty of this area, which is located at a distance of 7 km from Varkala. Varkala, Kerala's only place where the hills come close to the sea i.e., the merging of cliffs with the Arabian sea is the uniqueness one can find here.  Adventures water sports, Sightseeing, and delicious food especially seafood are the main highlights at Varkala. Other main places to visit nearby include Odayam Beach, Black Sand Beach Varkala, Sivagiri, Varkala Light House, and Janardhana Swami Temple.

VOYE HOMES Majestic Retreat Beach Resort in Varkala is one of the best Resorts in Varkala for family, friends, and large gatherings. Jatayu Earth Centre, Kaveri Elephant Park, Vagamon, and Munroe Island are other main tourist attractions for Varkala visitors. Facilities to commute to these tourist places are provided with additional charges and prior requests. In addition to this  Varkala- Munroe Island- Vagamon Package is provided by VOYE HOMES. Plan your ideal vacation, where you can find inner serenity and contentment.


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  • Lake and Beach Resort
  • Deluxe AC Bedrooms
  • Lakeside Suite Rooms
  • Private Beach
  • Close to Kappil Beach and Backwaters
  • Sivagiri Mutt
  • Varkala Beach 
  • Lake Supping
  • Lake Safari
  • Beach Surfing
  • Canoeing
  • Outdoor Wedding/ Party Area
  • Sea Food
  • Enroute Munroe Island 
  • Enroute Vagamon
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  • Private Lake
  • Private Beach
  • Canoeing
  • Beach Surfing
  • Lake Supping (Kayaking)
  • Elephant Park Visit
  • Jatayu Earth's Center Visit
  • Munroe Island Visit
  • Spa
  • Village life
  • Black Sandy Beach

  • Private Black Sandy Beach
  • Beach Surfing
  • Beach Surfing Training
  • Lake Supping
  • Lake Safari
  • Canoeing
  • BBQ
  • Indoor Activities
  • Elephant Park Visit
  • Jatayu Earth's Center Visit
  • Munroe Island Visit

Activities may cost additional charges and are subject to availability and permissions.

  • Welcome Drink
  • Complimentary Breakfast
  • Free Wifi
  • Deluxe AC Room (as per booking)
  • Lakeside  Suite Room (as per booking)
  • Free canoeing, lake supping and beach surfing for suite rooms

  • Lake Supping, Beach Surfing, Lake Safari, Beach Safari are available with additional charges for guests in Deluxe Rooms
  • Lunch, Dinner and BBQ can be arranged with additional charges.
  • Munroe Island visit and stay can be arranged with additional charges at VOYE HOMES property.
  • Vagamon visit and stay can be arranged with additional charges at VOYE HOMES property.
  • Elephant park, Jatayu Earth Center visit can be arranged with additional charges.
  • Sighseeing can be arranged with additional charges.
  • Spa
  • Anything which is not mentioned in the itinerary
  • Any transport

We are undertaking every possible preventive measure to ensure the safety of our guests. All our holiday homes are integrating into a COVID FREE environment by implementing hospital kind security systems and sanitation methods.

Our holiday homes are the better options for social distancing instead of jam-packed hotels.

✓ Contactless Check-in

✓ Sanitization and Disinfection after every checkout

✓ Sufficient Gap between 2 Bookings

✓ Trained Caretakers on COVID 19 SOP

✓ Emergency Medical Kit

Our priority is safety for all.

  • Kappil Beach (0.00 km)
  • Edava Beach (2.70 km)
  • Varkala Beach (6.70 km)
  • Varkala Cliff (6.70 km)
  • Black Sand Beach (7.30 km)
  • Thanni Beach (8.40 km)
  • Janardhana Swami Temple (8.50 km)
  • Sivagiri Mutt (9.70 km)
  • Varkala Light House (10.00 km)
  • Kaveri Elephant Park (10.00 km)
  • Kollam Beach (17.00 km)
  • Jatayu Earth's Center (32.00 km)
  • Munroe Island (41.00 km)
  • Kovalam Beach (52.00 km)
  • Vagamon (164.00 km)

The nearest airport is Trivandrum International Airport, which is at a distance of 47 km from  VOYE HOMES Majestic Retreat Beach Resort Varkala. The nearest railway station is Varkala Railway station at a distance of 6.7 km and the nearest Bus station is in Varkala at a distance of 6.8 km from the Resort. Private buses are available to commute to the city areas of Kollam and Trivandrum. Taxis and Tuk-Tuks are available for commuting. Majestic Retreat Beach Resort Varkala by VOYE HOMES is just a few meters away from the Kappil- Edava main Road.


Kollam → Paravur → Kappil Road → Majestic Retreat Beach Resort Varkala by VOYE HOMES

Trivandrum → Varkala → Edava → Kappil Road → Majestic Retreat Beach Resort Varkala by VOYE HOMES

Landmark- Kappil Beach

✔ Normal check-in and check-out time is 02.00 PM to 11.00 AM. Any changes should be informed to us. Early check-in and late check-out options are available depending on the availability and we may charge an additional charge.

✔ Pets are allowed.

✔ We may have caretakers staying inside the resort to provide a hassle-free stay for you.

✔ VOYE HOMES is a branded holiday home network. These are someone's second home, hence do not expect any hotel-kind luxury and services in our holiday homes. 

✔ Please read our Terms and Conditions page in our portal before reservation.

✔ We permit couples, families, and bachelors.

✔ Mentioned price is for 02 people in a room. However, an extra person can be allowed in a room with an additional charge of INR  1600.00 per person. Kids with 6-12 years are allowed with an additional charge of INR 750.

✔ For Suite rooms, all activities like Lake supping, Beach surfing, canoeing, and lake safari are free.

✔ For Deluxe rooms, all activities like Lake supping, Beach surfing, canoeing, and lake safari are available only with additional charges.

✔ Beach surfing cost for deluxe rooms are 1500 per board and only permitted to trained guests.

✔ Self-cooking options are not allowed. Dinner and other meals available with additional requests and meal preferences should be informed 01 day prior to check in.

✔ We do not confirm any booking without receiving 50% advance payment. VOYE HOMES has all rights to refuse check-in if there is any due.

✔ All guests should submit an indemnity form / ID proof at the time of check-in. We do not allow any guests to check-in without submitting their check-in indemnity form and ID proof. 

✔ Gambling, Contraband, Prostitution, Weapons, Explosives, Flammable objects, Poisons, Drugs, Dangerous Animals, and Loud music are strictly prohibited on villa/resort premises.

✔ Cancellations policies are applicable as per mentioned in our website. 

Can I book only one or two rooms, or do I need to book the entire Home?

Yes, you can book just one room also.

Is Driver and/or House-Help accommodation available?

No, Driver and/or House-Help accommodation is not available

Is parking available onsite or nearby?

Yes, Secured Parking is available near the property.

Is this home couple-friendly?

Yes, we allow adult couples with local ID proof.

Can I reserve your place for special functions such as an engagement ceremony, a small wedding ceremony or a birthday party, etc?

Yes, we do allow events/photoshoots at the villa, subject to Home Owner's approval. If you wish to book our home for functions/shoots, please send a message to the host on our website or send us an email atvoyehomes@gmail.com

Is this home senior citizen friendly?

Yes, it is a senior citizen friendly home.


Food and Beverages

Is outside food allowed? Are we allowed to cook ourselves?

Guests are not allowed to access the kitchenette.Outside food is not allowed.

Do you allow us to stock things in your fridge?

Yes, you can use the fridge in the kitchen to store food/beverages.

Is there an aquaguard for drinking water supply? Do we need to carry our Mineral Water bottles or are these readily available at your villa?

We provide mineral water bottles with additional charges.

Is Alcohol allowed?

Yes, alcohol consumption is permitted within limits. There is ice stocked in the fridge. For extra ice required, guests may need to pay charges to procure ice from outside.

Are meals provided onsite? What are the charges?

Meals are provided onsite at extra cost. For your convenience, please pre-book your meals. Please be mindful of the meal timings, so that our staff has adequate time to prepare. Tea/Coffee will be served during breakfast and afternoon tea time. If you would like tea/coffee during the day, this will be arranged at an additional charge.

What is the type of cuisine served?

We provide traditional Kerala style cuisines (Veg and Non-Veg) • Fish • Chicken • Mutton • Veg • Squid • Oyster • Mussels etc. (Subject to availability)

Can I pay the caretaker some extra money and request the Cook to prepare fish or chicken dishes for us?

Yes, but charged extra at cost. Please do inform the caretaker in advance to make arrangements.



What is the cancellation policy?

Days before check-in date when we receive your notice to cancel

Cancellation charges

30 days prior to check-in date

20% of the total booking amount

20 days prior to check-in date

30% of the total booking amount

10 days prior to check-in date

50% of the total booking amount

05 days prior to check-in date

70% of the total booking amount

Below 05 days prior to check-in date

No refund

GST at applicable rates will be charged on these cancellation fee.

Can I postpone a confirmed booking to another date?

Yes, you can postpone a confirmed booking to another date with a valid reason. We do not permit postpone a confirmed booking, if the postpone request is within 5 days of arrival.

Can I pay 50% now and pay the remaining 50% closer to the date?

Yes, you can pay 50% now and the next 50% before 02 days of check-in.

How can I make a payment?

Once you have chosen your dates and your booking has been accepted, you will receive a payment link where the payment can be processed. In case you're unable to make an online payment through the link, you could also deposit the cash in our bank account directly. We also offer other options like PayTM, NEFT/IMPS or UPI.

How can I make payments onsite, at the home?

Meals have to be pre-booked for your convenience. Other items procured extra, like extra ice, meals, or cold drinks etc have to settled at the site in cash.


Things to do

What can we do for fun around the property?

Sunset watching, Private Lake and Beach visit, Lake supping, Beach Surfing, Canoeing, and indoor activities are available.

Are there water bodies nearby (such as a pond/ river/ lake etc)?

Yes, there is a Lake and Beach nearby. 


House Rules

Do you allow loud music?

We do not provide a music system however, given the location of our home, guests are requested not to play loud music but rather enjoy the quiet and peace of the estate.

Is smoking/alcohol consumption permitted?

Yes, smoking is allowed but strictly not inside the room. If you wish to smoke, please do so outside in the garden/lawn area. Alcohol consumption is permitted within limits. We do not encourage late-night revelry or loud music.

What are the Check-in & Check-out timings? May I request for late check-outs or an early check-in?

Normal check in and check out time is 02.00 PM to 11.00 AM. Any changes should be informed to us. Early check-in and late check-out options are available depending on the availability and we may charge an additional charges.

What formalities are needed during check-in and check-out?

As required by law, all adults have to provide their government-approved Photo IDs (that clearly show their residential address) at the time of Check-in. Your co-operation is of utmost importance to us.

Are we allowed to access all areas?

Depends, if you book a single room, you cannot access other rooms, and common areas can be accessed. But if you book the entire villa you can use all areas inside the property.



Is there a security guard / watchman?

There is a caretaker at the Home.

Is the property properly fenced? Is there a boundary wall?

Yes, our home has a wall surrounding the premises.

Is there a First-aid kit available at your Home?

Yes, we do have a first-aid kit (free), sanitary pads (with additional charge) onsite.


Room specifics

Is there Internet/ 3G/ WiFi connection available onsite?

We offer Free wifi, there is adequate network connectivity.

Does the villa face frequent power outages? Are there any invertors or gensets to address this issue?

Yes, we have a power backup in case of rare occasions of power failure.

Do you provide toiletries and bath towels?

Yes, we provide toiletries like soap, shampoo and toilet paper. We also provide towels.

Is the Home air-conditioned?

We have 12 AC rooms

Top Amenities
24x7 Caretaker
24x7 Caretaker
A/C Rooms
A/C Rooms
BBQ facilities
BBQ facilities
Best for Team Outing
Best for Team Outing
Couple Friendly
Couple Friendly
Doctor on Call
Doctor on Call
Driver Shelter
Driver Shelter
Family Friendly
Family Friendly
Flat-Screen TV
Flat-Screen TV
Free Wifi
Free Wifi
Indoor / Outdoor Activities
Indoor / Outdoor Activities
Lake / Sea View
Lake / Sea View
Lawn & Garden view
Lawn & Garden view
Outdoor Fireplace
Outdoor Fireplace
Outdoor Furnitures
Outdoor Furnitures
Pet Friendly
Pet Friendly
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Safe & Secure
Secured Parking
Secured Parking
Non-Smoking Rooms
Non-Smoking Rooms
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Outdoor Dining Area
Outdoor Music System
Outdoor Music System
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Party & Picnic Area
Power Backup
Power Backup
Sanitized Rooms
Sanitized Rooms
Towels & Toiletries
Towels & Toiletries
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