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Few places can conjure up as much wonder as the incredible VOYEHOMES Shining Caves Resorts in Attappadi kerala, which is one of the best among Attappadi resorts. As the name refers we have Cave house and Cave Dormitory here. Imagine stepping back in time and experiencing the cave life for a While, that thought itself is amazing right? It is located at Anaikkatti, Palakkad and will definitely blow your mind. One can shut themselves out from the world and enjoy the calm and soothing vibe of the nature, while having a digital detox. For those who are looking for Budget stay, we have tent stay / camping options are available here. A frame house is the other main highlight of this cave resort.

A breathtaking view from a breathtaking spot, that's what VOYE HOMES Shining Cave Resort, Attappadi offers you. A hills lope terrain in the middle of the grassland with enough space to set up tents and A frame buildings, so this Hill view resort will be suitable for large groups. With mild wind speed, you can experience rapid fog movement over the area. Surrounded by the lush green mountains, numbers of activities come with all the ingredients for an adrenaline junkie. Away from the bustles of busy life, the Mountain View resort at Anaikkatti Sholayur is a perfect spot for backpackers and solo travelers and it ensures a calm and comfy stay amidst the richness of nature. Being a less spoilt spot with human interference, this is the best place to sink into the serenity of nature. Would you like to choose a stay with pool? Swimming pool at the middle of the grassland is yet other major attraction of this amazing destination.

Do you know why VOYEHOMES Shining Cave Resort stands out in Attappadi. What is so special about this? Here are few main highlights of the amazing Cave Hill resort - Private Cave House, Dormitory Cave, Swimming Pool – resort with private pool, Free Cycling, Trekking and Hiking, off road jeep Safari, Horse Rides, View of Siruvani Forest Valley, Vegetation | Farming, Visit to Tribal Life, Farm stay & Visit, ATV, Fishing, Waterfall Visit, Outdoor Games & Indoor Games, Village Walk, Campfire with music, The Perfect Riding Terrain, forest stay spread over 11 acres of alluring Grassland, explore the Wildlife, Hill view resort stay or Mountain View resort stay, Silent Valley National Park Visit, The Perfect Cave Stay or tent stay Guaranteed, KSRTC Bus trip to Tribal Settlements.

Are you looking for Attapadi tourist places? Here are few amazing must visit destinations in Attappadi Kerala. Silent Valley National Park, Attapadi Reserve Forest, Siruvani Reservoir, Siruvani hills and siruvani forest, Narasimukk and Perumalmudi are the major attractions here and wind mills are the other main highlight of Anaikkatti, Sholayur. The hidden Attappadi Hills and plateaus of the Nilgiri Mountains, you will find the densely forested enclave of the Silent Valley National Park which is the most important destination in palakkad tourism. The flora and fauna found here makes one wonder if this ecosystem has survived since the very beginning of time. You can spot the tigers, leopards, elephants, snakes, Lion-Tailed Macaques and Malabar Giant Squirrels to moths, bugs and toads, the diversity in fauna is breath-taking. The 128 species of beetle’s deserve a special mention since 10 of them were previously unknown to mankind. Apart from that you can also view over 1000 species of flowering plants and another 110 species of orchids that enchant all who see them. Over 400 species of moths and 200 species of butterflies have been catalogued here.

A sleep away over the mighty attappadi hills, the Shining Cave Resort is a favorite stay for those adrenaline junkies. The vast hilltop and a campfire over the cold grasslands will be a perfect add-on for a warm, cozy stay at Cave house. The temperature here is very pleasant throughout the year but as the wind picks up there is a drastic drop in the overall temperature making it chillier. Cave stay, A frame stay or Camping in this grassland will be a wonderful experience for sure. With clean and well maintained rooms we offer you an amazing gateway from your busy life. Come visit us and reconnect with your past. At Shining Caves we understand there is more to life.

Attappadi Reserve Forest is a protected area covering 249 Sq Km of land of Mannarghat Taluk in Palakkad district of Kerala sitting on its western edges. The extensive mountain valley sits at an elevation of 2460 feet, at the foothills of the Nilgiris in the Palakkad district of Kerala. Attappadi defines the life of the locals and offers plenty to its visitors , it is one of the less-explored forests of Kerala,. The woods also home to the local ethnic tribes like the Muduga, Irula, and Kurumba, who inhabit the far edges around the mountains visit. Rainy season I the best season to explore the tropical hilly forests of Attappadi, however the accessibility in the deeper interiors might be limited due to flooding. If you want to enjoy hiking and blazing the wild trails, the best time to visit is between November and February. The treasures of Attappadi- the Malleswaram Mudi are the highest point of Attappady and are also considered a religious shrine by the local tribal communities.

While a lot of you are searching for the tourist places in Palakkad, let’s make this easier for you with our amazing list of tourist places of Palakkad. Palakkad is home to numerous exciting and refreshing places which makes it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Kerala. Check them out; Palakkad Fort, Dhoni Waterfalls, Malampuzha Dam, Nelliyampathy Hills, Silent Valley National Park, Mangalam Dam, Kollengode Palace, Jain Temple of Jainimedu, Kalpathy Heritage Village, Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary, Meenkara Dam, Meenvallam Waterfall, Chulliyar Dam, Attappady Tribal Village, Siruvani Dam and forest, Fantasy Park, Rock Garden, Chittur Kavu Devi Temple, Ottapalam, Seethargundu Viewpoint, Kava Island, Pothundi Dam and Kanjirapuzha Dam. These are the best Tourist places in Palakkad.

It is a treasure of nature opening when we see the Bhavani River flowing from Northwest around the mountain crossing Attappadi village and moving towards the southeast side. Near the headwaters of the Bhavani River, encloses dense shola forests, beautiful streams, and exotic wildlife. The highlight of the forest is the gigantic mountain peak of Malleswaram, which rises to almost 5460 feet from the center of the valley, flanked by the Bhavani River and the Attapadi village.  Attappadi -the name came thus, because a black goat breed called “Attappadi black” is available in a Government farm here. Attappadi Reserve Forest receives a high rainfall of 4700 mm and gradually decreases to a low of 900 mm. The mountains here have various rock types that can be categorized into 7 broad types. Attappadi kerala is well known for its tribal settlements.

The jungles of Attappadi have provided shelter to wide variety species of wildlife, some of which are rare and only found in these forests. One of the most unique animals found here is the Attapadi Black Goat, endemic to this region. If you go for a wildlife safari, you can spot elephants, Sambar deer, bison, the famous Malabar giant squirrel, lion-tailed macaques, leopards, and if you are lucky enough, you might get a sighting of tigers as well. Be careful as crocodiles and rattlesnakes are common around the riverbanks. Remember this forest make for the perfect ground for a birding expedition and also offers you a chance to spot crested serpent eagle, green imperial pigeons, white-bellied woodpecker, or the streak-throated woodpecker.

You can always stay a day or two here to enjoy the unparalleled quality of nature. Troubled with finding the best resorts in Anaikkatti? Don’t hesitate to book; this is going to be a memorable stay forever. Many have passed through here since then but none have been able to put to words the exact feelings or detail the emotions evoked by the experience this location have to offer. It is something to be observed first-hand, this absolute gift of nature; with secrets that mankind is yet to truly understand.

Top Amenities

24x7 Caretaker
24x7 Caretaker
A/C Rooms
A/C Rooms
BBQ facilities
BBQ facilities
Best for Team Outing
Best for Team Outing
Couple Friendly
Couple Friendly
Driver Shelter
Driver Shelter
Emergency Medical Kit
Emergency Medical Kit
Family Friendly
Family Friendly
Flat-Screen TV
Flat-Screen TV
Free Wifi
Free Wifi
Hot Water / Geyser
Hot Water / Geyser
Indoor / Outdoor Activities
Indoor / Outdoor Activities
Kid Meals
Kid Meals
LGBT Friendly
LGBT Friendly
Mountain / Valley View
Mountain / Valley View
Non-Smoking Rooms
Non-Smoking Rooms
Outdoor Dining Area
Outdoor Dining Area
Outdoor Fireplace
Outdoor Fireplace
Outdoor Furnitures
Outdoor Furnitures
Outdoor Music System
Outdoor Music System
Party & Picnic Area
Party & Picnic Area
Pet Friendly
Pet Friendly
Power Backup
Power Backup
Private Holiday Home
Private Holiday Home
Safe & Secure
Safe & Secure
Sanitized Rooms
Sanitized Rooms
Secured Parking
Secured Parking
Towels & Toiletries
Towels & Toiletries
Swimming Pool
Swimming Pool
Trekking / Hiking
Trekking / Hiking

Location map

  • Private Caves
  • Swimming Pool
  • Free Cycling
  • Trekking
  • Horse Rides & Outdoor Activities
  • View of Siruvani Forest Valley
  • Vegetation | Farming | Tribal Life
  • Farm Visit  
  • The Perfect Riding Terrain
  • Spread Over 11 Acres of Alluring  Grass Land
  • Wildlife 
  • Jeep Safari
  • Silent Valley National Park Visit
  • KSRTC Bus trip to Tribal Settlements.
  • A-Frame Caves
  • O-Frame Caves
  • Dormitory Cave
  • Tent Stays.

We are undertaking every possible preventive measure to ensure safety of our guests. All our holiday homes are integrating to a COVID FREE environment by implementing hospital kind security systems and sanitation methods.

Our holiday homes are the better options for social distancing instead of jam-packed hotels.

✓ Contactless Check-in

✓ Temperature Screening

✓ Sanitization and Disinfection after every checkout

✓ Sufficient Gap between 2 Bookings

✓ Trained Caretakers on COVID 19 SOP

✓ Emergency Medical Kit


Our priority is safety for all. As a mandate, we request all guests to submit an RTPCR negative certificate taken within 72 hours of Check-in or the First dose COVID vaccination certificate download from the COWIN website.

VOYE HOMES Shining Caves Sholayur is spread over 11 acres of alluring  grass land in the midst of Siruvani forest region of western ghats. The sprawling forest, which merges with the woods of Tamilnadu, is home to the popular tourist destination of Palakkad district. This is the place for anyone who wants’ to escape the emotionless city life and enjoy authentic nature.

Forest Valley • Siruvani Forest View • Windmills • Wildlife •  Jeep Safari • Nature Walk • Village walk • Swimming Pool • Trekking • Local Shop • Traditional home • Traditional lunch • Tribal Settlements • Forest Drive • Evening snacks • Vegetation • Farming •  Camping  • Traditional Kerala Cuisines  • Village Cycle Tour

  • Nature Walk
  • Swimming Pool
  • Free Cycling
  • Archery
  • Dart
  • Watch Tower
  • Mono Basket Ball
  • Farm Visit
  • Outdoor Games
  • Onsite Trekking
  • Village Walk
  • Jeep Safari
  • Horse Rides
  • ATV
  • KSRTC Bus travel to Tribal Settlement.
  • Fishing
  • Waterfall Visit
  • Below Tribal Settlement Visits.
  1. Moolagangal
  2. Varagampadi
  3. Vellakulam
  4. Vechapathi

Activities may cost additional charges and subject to availability.

  • Private Caves.
  • Complimentary Breakfasts.
  • AC / Non AC Rooms (As per booking)
  • Swimming Pool.
  • Cycling. 
  • Onsite Trekking.
  • Farm Visit.
  • Outdoor Games.
  • Indoor Games.


Price Chart

  1. A-CAVE (Non AC): INR 3000.00 
  2. A-CAVE (AC) : INR 3400.00
  3. O-CAVE (Non AC): INR 3400.00
  4. O-CAVE (AC): INR 3849.00
  5. DORMITORY (Non AC) : INR 1400.00
  6. DORMITORY (AC): INR 1800.00
  7. TENT STAY: INR 1600.00
  • Campfire can be provided with additional charge of 500.00.
  • à la carte Dinner can be provided with additional charges.
  • Lunch, BBQ can be provided with additional charges.
  • Anything which is not mentioned in inclusions will be treated as exclusions.
  • Jeep Safari, Horse riding, sightseeing or any other activities can be arranged with additional charges. 
  • Siruvani Forest Valley (1.2 km)
  • Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve (2.00 km)
  • Maranatty Waterfalls (14.00 km)
  • Shavakkallaramedu (04.50 km)
  • Attappadi Reserve Forest (20.5 km)
  • Malleeswara Temple  (23.5 km)
  • Silent Valley National Park (33.5 km)
  • Mulli Ghat Roads (35.00 km)
  • Mettupalayam (48.00 kms)
  • Avalanche Lake, Ooty (85.00 km)
  • Kinnakorai (92.00 km)
  • Coonoor ( 96.00  km)  

While a lot of you are searching for the tourist places in Palakkad, let’s make this easier for you with our amazing list of tourist places of Palakkad. Palakkad is home to numerous exciting and refreshing places which makes it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Kerala. Check them out; Palakkad Fort, Dhoni Waterfalls, Malampuzha Dam, Nelliyampathy Hills, Silent Valley National Park, Mangalam Dam, Kollengode Palace, Jain Temple of Jainimedu, Kalpathy Heritage Village, Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary, Meenkara Dam, Meenvallam Waterfall, Chulliyar Dam, Attappady Tribal Village, Siruvani Dam, Fantasy Park, Rock Garden, Chittur Kavu Devi Temple, Ottapalam, Seethargundu Viewpoint, Kava Island, Pothundi Dam and Kanjirapuzha Dam. These are the best Tourist places in Palakkad.

Are you looking for the Attapadi tourist places? Here are few amazing destinations-Silent Valley National Park, Attapadi Reserve Forest, Siruvani Reservoir, Narasimukk and Perumalmudi.

Sightseeing options are subject to availability and may require permisions from concerned authorities.

VOYE HOMES Shining Caves is can be accessed through the road opposite to Kooduthara bridge (Landmark) . Nearest airport is Coimbatore International Airport which is 50.00 kms away and the nearest railway station is Coimbatore Railway Station which is 42.00 kms from our villa. Nearest major city is Agali and the nearest bus station is Sholayur.   Private buses, taxi's jeep's and tuk tuks are available for commuting. VOYE HOMES Shining Cave is just 10 meters away from main road and the private road condition to property from main road is moderate. 

  • Mannarkkad - 54.00 kms
  • Attappadi - 29.00 kms
  • Anaikkatti - 09.00 kms
  • Coimbatore - 36.00 kms
  • Ooty - 96.00 kms

From Mannarkkad:  Mukkali - Goolikkadavu - Sholayur - Kooduthara - Vechapathy.

From Coimbatore: Anaikkatti - Sholayur.

Landmark: Kooduthara Bridge. 

✔ Normal check in and check out time is 03:00 PM to 11.00 AM. Any changes should inform to us. Early check in and late check out options are available depends on availability and we may charge additional charge.

✔ VOYE HOMES is a branded holiday home network. These are someone's second home, hence do not expect any hotel kind luxury and services in our holiday homes.

✔ All guests are strictly requested to check-in before 05.00 PM due wildlife spoting in the public roads of Sholyur. We will not entertain any check-in after 06.00 PM for any reason. 

✔ Please read our Terms and Conditions page in our portal before reservation.

✔ Mentioned price is for 02 people in a room. However, 02 more extra persons can be allowed in a cottage with an addtional charge of INR 700.00 per person with additional matresses.

✔ We have electric fencing surrounded by property to protect from wild animals, hence please be cautious and do not step in to fencing area. 

✔ Please be informed that,  guests should be adhere to meal timings displayed in room. We should not serve any meals or coffee/tea to any guests outside meal timinngs.

✔ We do not confirm any booking without receiving 50% advance payment. VOYE HOMES has all rights to refuse check-in if there is any due.

✔ All guests should submit e-check in form prior to arrival. We do not allow any guests to check-in without submitting their check in form. 

✔ Inform us your food preferences prior to arrival.

✔ Gambling, Contraband, Prostitution, Weapons, Explosives, Flammable objects, Poisons, Drugs, Dangerous Animals and Loud music are strictly prohibited on villa / resort premises.

✔ Mobile networks and internet networks are very poor in this region, hence please consider this mind before booking this holiday home. Airtel and Jio has no coverage. 

Can I book only one or two caves, or do I need to book the entire Property?

Yes, you can book just one cave also

How many people are allowed in a cottage with in this price?

Mentioned price is for 02 people in a cottage, however 02 more extra persons can be accomodated in a single cottage with extra mattresses. We charge 650.00 per extra person

What is mean by maximum occupancy mentioned in your website?

Maximum occupancy is the total accomodating capacity of the property with extra mattresses.

Is Driver and/or House-Help accommodation available?

Yes, Driver and/or House-Help accommodation is  available now

Is parking available onsite or nearby?

Yes, Secured Parking is available on site.

Is this home couple friendly?

Yes, we allow adult couples with local ID proof.

Can I reserve your place for special functions such as engagement ceremony, a small wedding ceremony or a birthday party, etc?

Yes, we do allow small events/ photo shoots at the villa, subject to Home Owner's approval. If you wish to book our home for functions/shoots, please send a message to the host on our website or send us an email

Is this home senior citizen friendly?

Yes, it is a senior citizen friendly home.


Food and Beverages

Is outside food allowed? Are we allowed to cook ourselves?

Guests are not allowed to access the kitchenette now as per COVID-19 protocol. Outside food is not allowed.

Do you allow us to stock things in your fridge?

Yes, you can use the fridge in the kitchen to store food/beverages.

Is there an aquaguard for drinking water supply? Do we need to carry our own Mineral Water bottles or are these readily available at your villa?

We provide 02 mineral water bottle for free and extra bottels with additional charges.

Is Alcohol allowed?

Yes, alcohol consumption is permitted within limits. There is ice stocked in the fridge. For extra ice required, guests may need to pay charges to procure ice from outside.

Are meals provided onsite? What are the charges?

Breakfast is complimentary; Meals are provided onsite at extra cost. For your convenience, please pre-book your meals. Please be mindful of the meal timings, so that our staff has adequate time to prepare. Tea/Coffee will be served during breakfast and afternoon tea time. If you would like tea/coffee during the day, this will be arranged at an additional charge.

What is the type of cuisine served?

We provide traditional kerala style cuisines (Veg and Non Veg) . Fish • Chicken • Mutton • Veg • Squid • Oyster • Mussels etc. (Subject to availability)

Can I pay the caretaker some extra money and request the Cook to prepare fish or chicken dishes for us?

Yes, but charged extra at cost. Please do inform the caretaker in advance to make arrangements. Currently we are availing food from an external vendor. 



What is the cancellation policy?

Days before check in date when we receive your notice to cancel

Cancellation charges

30 days prior to check in date

20% of booking amount

20 days prior to check in date

30% of booking amount

10 days prior to check in date

50% of booking amount

05 days prior to check in date

70% of booking amount

Below 05 days prior to check in date

No refund

GST at applicable rates will be charged on this cancellation fees.

Can I pay 50% now and pay the remaining 50% closer to the date?

Yes, you can pay 50% now and next 50% before 02 days of check in

How can I make a payment?

Once you have chosen your dates and your booking has been accepted, you will receive a payment link where the payment can be processed. In case you're unable to make an online payment through the link, you could also deposit the cash in our bank account directly. We also offer other options like PayTM, NEFT/IMPS or UPI.

How can I make payments onsite, at the home?

Meals have to be pre-booked for your convenience. Other items procured extra, like extra ice, meals, or cold drinks etc have to settled at the site in cash.


Things to do

What can we do for fun around the property?

Swimming Pool, Cycling,outdoor/indoor games (free). Nature walk, jeep safari, trekking, hiking, tribal village visits are available with additional charges.

Are there water bodies nearby (such as a pond/ river/ lake etc)?

Yes, we have swimming pool inside property. 


House Rules

Do you allow loud music?

We do not provide music system, however, given the location of our home, guests are requested not to play loud music but rather enjoy the quiet and peace of the estate.

Is smoking / alcohol consumption permitted?

Yes, smoking is allowed but strictly not inside the room. If you wish to smoke, please do so outside in the garden/lawn area. Alcohol consumption is permitted within limits. We do not encourage late night revelry or loud music.

What are the Check-in & Check-out timings? May I request for late check-outs or an early check-in?

Normal check in and check out time is 12.30 PM to 10.30 AM. Any changes should inform to us. Early check in and late check out options are available depends on availability and we may charge additional charge.

What formalities are needed during check-in and check-out?

As required by law, all adults have to provide their government-approved Photo IDs (that clearly show their residential address) at the time of Check-in. Your co-operation is of utmost importance to us.

Are we allowed to access all areas?

Depends, if you book a single villa you cannot access other villa's, and common areas can be accessed. But if you book entire property you can use all area inside property.



Is there a security guard / watchman?

There is a caretaker at the Home.

Is the property properly fenced? Is there a boundary wall?

Yes, our home has a wall, electric fencing surrounding the premises.

Is there First-aid kit available at your Home?

Yes, we do have a first-aid kit (free), sanitary pads (with additional charge) onsite.


Room specifics

Is there Internet/ 3G/ WiFi connection available onsite?

We do offer wifi. There is adequate mobile network connectivity for vodafone, Idea and BSNL. Jio and Airtel networks are not available.

Does the villa face frequent power outages? Are there any invertors or gensets to address this issue?

Yes, we have a power backup in case of rare occasions of power failure. 

Do you provide toiletries and bath towels?

Yes, we provide toiletries like soap, shampoo and toilet paper. We also provide towels.

Is the Home air-conditioned?

Yes, all caves are AC.